Committee of Adjuncts and Part Timers

Event Date: 
Friday, March 16, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

The 7 Thousand A Course Campaign Strategy

Plans for March, April and May

1.Get on the Bus to Albany
Tuesday: April 24
Sign up here.

Adjuncts along with Full timers and HEOS will be in Albany asking for funds for our 7K Campaign.

We need all Adjuncts to come to Albany on April 24 for 7K Blitz of the Capitol.

2. Each Campus will be preparing a Roll-Out Event in March for 7K.
Plan with your Chapter Chair and Chapter Executive Committee.
Tabling with music and doing one-on-ones.
Have 7K Meetings in April and May.
Have a Campus Social with snacks, drinks, blue cards and brochures.
Grade in Session for Midterms in March
And Final Grade in in May
We will show the uncompensated work we do.

3. Distribute the 7K Posters
Put them on all doors at all campuses.

4. Join the Facebook page of the PSC.
Go to the PSC Website.
Tweet about our 7K campaign #7K CUNY.
Tweet about our unpaid hours.

5. Adjunct Visibility Days: April 18, 19, 20, 21
We will have materials to be used on these days.

Call me for assistance or talk to your Chapter Chair or Adjunct Liaison.
Adjunct Meeting March 16 from 3 to 5, we will have phone banking

We can do this.

Pizza will be served
Thank You
Hope To See You.

Susan DiRaimo
646 225 8286

61 Broadway, 16th Floor
PSC Union Hall