Adjuncts: Share Your Job-Insecurity Story!

Job security for adjuncts is a priority demand for the PSC in the current round of collective bargaining for a new contract. To support the union's negotiations with CUNY management about this issue, PSC is collecting stories about how job insecurity personally affects adjuncts at CUNY.

Please tell us how you struggle with the lack of job security that comes with working as an adjunct faculty member at CUNY. Your story can help expose the vagaries and privations that are built in to the current two-tiered labor system at CUNY.

Stories submitted here may be posted online, reported in testimony or cited during contract negotiation. Names will not be used unless adjuncts give specific approval.

Please give your full name. PSC won't use it unless you give permission to do so.
Where do you work? Mark multiple options if you work at more than one campus/worksite.
List all the departments in which you work here, separated by a comma.
We know you have a lot to say, but in the service of stimulating your thoughts, we have posed the following questions: How have you experienced job insecurity? What effects does job insecurity have on your life—as a professional and as a person? How does job insecurity affect your relationships with your department chair and faculty colleagues? What impact does it have on your classroom performance? How have you coped with unforeseen course work scheduling changes or course cancellations? What alternative plans do you have in place?