RF Field Contracts

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Graduate Center Research Foundation
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Contractual Bonuses Have Been Issued

The new contract between the Professional Staff Congress and the Research Foundation includes a bonus for members of the bargaining unit who were employed by the RF for at least 3 years as of May 23, 2011, the date on which the contract was ratified.

First Salary Increase Now in Effect

A salary increase went into effect on June 1, 2011 for all bargaining unit members who received less than a 2% increase in the previous 12 months. The amount of the increase is 2% or whatever is necessary to bring the employee up to 2% for the year.

RF Health Insurance Deduction Glitch

The RF payroll department accidentally withheld 19% for the health insurance premium from this week’s paycheck for all PSC-represented employees. The withholding should have been 11% for employees at NYC Tech, LaGuardia and the Graduate Center and 18% for employees at the Central Office.

Research Foundation Workers Ratify Contract

Congratulations and welcome to our newest PSC members—the CUNY Research Foundation workers at New York City Tech, LaGuardia Community College, and the Graduate Center. By a vote of 177 to 0, the RF workers voted to ratify their new contracts. The votes were counted and certified by the American Arbitration Association on Monday, May 23.

March 3 Update

We had a great bargaining session on Thursday with wide representation from LaGuardia, City Tech, and the Graduate Center. For the first time, RF management's wage proposal included our concept of a floor for annual increases. Thus, no employee can receive less than a minimum dollar amount even if it results in a higher percentage increase than that received by higher-paid employees. This benefits the lowest-paid workers and is a huge step towards final settlement given that RF representatives had previously insisted on exclusively percentage-based increases.

February 24 Update

The bargaining session on February 24 was productive. First, the RF’s representatives confirmed that they were willing to align the dates of the across-the-board wage increases and the health insurance co-premium increases in each year of the contract. An across-the-board wage increase will mean that every RF employee at LaGuardia, City Tech and the Graduate Center will be able to look forward to a known minimum increase on a particular date each year and that workers will be able to hold their directors accountable for providing that increase.

February 10 Update

On February 10th, the RF bargaining representatives presented an economic counter-proposal that includes an across-the-board minimum salary increase for all workers regardless of length of service and without a waiting period.


The PSC and its RF field chapters publish a timely organizing newsletter for the contract campaign called "Time to Organize."

December Bargaining Update

The Union and Management have reached agreement on almost all non-economic issues. On economic issues, we are much closer than we were in the past.

Research Foundation says "bah, humbug!" RF workers say "fight back!"

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Just three days before Christmas 2010, in a show of holiday good will, the Grinch tried to share his inspiring story of redemption with the the CUNY Research Foundation at its biannual meeting.


RF Field Units Rally for Fair Contract

Research Foundation employees and their supporters held spirited rallies for a fair contract at City Tech, LaGuardia and the Grad Center during the week of September 27th.

Join Us! Research Foundation Rallies for Fair Contract

Join us as we rally in support of a fair contract for RF workers at City Tech, the Grad Center and LAGCC.

Bargaining Committees

Bargaining committees have been established at the Graduate Center, LaGuardia Community College and NYC Tech.

May 24th Rally at RF

More than 40 protesters rallied outside CUNY Researh Foundation headquarters in midtown Manhattan on Monday May 24 to demand that PSC members at the NYC Tech, LaGuardia and Graduate Center Research Foundations receive a fair first contract.

June 10th Bargaining Session

At the bargaining Thursday, June 10th, management refused to provide a counter on wages.

August 2010 Update

The PSC and the RF have continued to negotiate throughout the summer, but remain far apart on many issues.