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Learn more about how the PSC can assist you in retirement and pension planning

Contact the PSC Pension & Benefits Department at (212) 354-1252

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Registration for Fall 2013 Pre-Retirement Conference is closed

Registration for this Semester's Pre-Retirement Conference on Oct 25 from 8:30 am - 4:00pm is now closed.

We've reached full capacity for this semester’s conference being held at the PSC-CUNY. If you were not able to register in time, the PSC will be hosting another Pre-Retirement Conference next semester. Details to follow.

The Pension Choice: A Permanent Decision

Pensions probably don’t top the list of concerns for most newly-hired CUNY faculty and staff. Yet within 30 days of their start date, new full-time CUNY employees must choose between two radically different pension plans. The decision is irrevocable, and making a wise choice requires careful consideration of several factors.

Part-Timer Pension Benefits For Those Hired Before April 1, 2012

Updated Tier IV information on pension and annuity benefits available to Adjuncts, Continuing Education Teachers and CUNY Language Immersion Teachers (CLIP).