I am voting YES on strike authorization!

Pledge your commitment to vote "yes" on strike authorization. Please consider this pledge carefully and add your name. Give the union the power we need. By signing, you pledge that you will vote "yes"--and indicate that you are prepared, if necessary, to join a strike or other job action. As the list of names grows, we will make the names public. The more signatures we gather, the stronger our message will be: the PSC means what we say when we refuse to accept substandard pay and conditions at CUNY.

It is perfectly legal for the union to take a strike authorization vote and for you to pledge that you will vote "yes." While the union might easily get a strong "yes" vote if we were to hold the vote today, the PSC is committed to conducting the vote in a way that allows for maximum democratic participation, thoughtful decision-making, and the development of the solidarity a decision to strike would require. That process takes time. Already hundreds of member-to-member conversations about the strike authorization vote have begun. The vote will be conducted early in the spring semester, after all the colleges have resumed classes in early March.

CUNY's unacceptable offer

It took five years, multiple protests, the announcement of a strike authorization vote, and a sit-in to get the CUNY Administration to move, but they finally put an offer on the table at Wednesday's bargaining session-as PSC members assembled for a demonstration on the street below and prepared to risk arrest. Collective action works.

But we must keep the pressure on. The proposal CUNY management made on Wednesday falls far short of what is needed to pay us decently for the important work we do. It also fails to provide the investment needed to protect high-quality education at CUNY. Our last raise was in October 2009, and our contract expired in 2010. Here is Chancellor Milliken's economic proposal:

Six Things Milliken Could Do to Settle the Contract

A Message From PSC President Barbara Bowen
September 28

This Thursday, October 1, the PSC and allies from across the city will be delivering a wake-up call to Chancellor Milliken. Why? Because Milliken needs to wake up to the urgency we are experiencing after six years without a raise. We are taking the message to where he lives in order to make the need for a new contract as real to Milliken as it is to us. Will you be with us? Click here to say yes.

Milliken accepted the position of chancellor and the big salary and apartment that go with it. He is ultimately responsible for putting money on the table for our contract. It’s true that he has spoken up in Albany and made efforts to resolve the issue of State funding. Making an effort is good, but it is not enough. We need results.

As chancellor, Milliken has not offered the vision or strategy needed to resolve the difficult political situation in Albany he inherited. He has not effectively challenged the economic austerity agenda for CUNY.

Defending the Social Safety Net: A Call to Action

Download This New Publication

Defend and Expand the Social Safety Net: A Call to Action

The PSC Safety Net Working Group has published an updated edition of Defend and Expand the Social Safety Net: A Call to Action. (Download a digital copy. Hard copies will soon be available at the PSC office.) The committee is hosting workshops across NY State for trade unionists, educators, community groups, seniors and social justice advocates. The booklet is part of a toolkit used in the workshops, which aim to help local activists widen advocacy in their own communities. Learn more about the Safety Net Working Group.

NYSUT Higher Education Member of the Year: Steve London

Steve London, who is stepping down from office as PSC first vice president after 15 years of service, was named a NYSUT Higher Education Member of the Year at the NYSUT Representative Assembly in Buffalo this past weekend. Watch this video featuring all the NYSUT honorees (Steve’s bit starts at 8:48), and join us in thanking Steve for his dedication to his CUNY colleagues. He takes on a new elected role as university-wide officer of the PSC Executive Committee and continues his roles as trustee and executive officer of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund and as NYSUT director.

Grading the Student Course Evaluation

Many CUNY colleges have been changing how student course evaluations are administered, moving from paper to online. Some faculty say that as a result they see a drop in the number of students who take the time to complete an evaluation. And then the results from some evaluations, according to recent reports, reveal some of the biases in how faculty are perceived.

Clarion is working on a story on student course evaluations, and we want to hear your thoughts on evaluations.

Share your thinking on student course evaluations by clicking here.


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