Faculty & Students Oppose Bloomberg's CC Cuts at City Hall

Faculty members and college students gathered at City Hall at noon on Wednesday, December 8th to speak out on the impact of Mayor Bloomberg’s 5.4% cut in City funding for CUNY’s community colleges. The midyear reduction of $13 million will mean a loss of hundreds of class sections and adjunct faculty positions. Increased class size and decreased support services will harm students’ education and hurt graduation rates.

3,000 Against CUNY CC Budget Cuts.

A PSC petition against Mayor Bloomberg’s planned midyear cut in City funding for CUNY community colleges was delivered to the City Council on Nov. 22. Signed by 3,000 faculty, staff and students, the petition was accepted by Ydanis Rodriguez, chair of the Council’s Higher Education Committee. Rodriguez said he would argue for CUNY as a priority in discussions with Speaker Christine Quinn and other Council members.


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