Opposing Cheapened Teaching Credentials

The PSC has registered its strong opposition to the proposed regulation allowing charter school networks to conduct their own teacher training programs and issue a cheapened teaching credential that will short change students. The proposed regulation would allow charter networks statewide to conduct their own teacher training programs and issue a teaching credential that will only be valid inside those schools after just 30 hours of instruction plus 100 hours of supervised teaching. Read the PSC letter.

NYC Labor Day Parade Sat, Sept 9

March for Union Rights and Resources

PSC members will march this Saturday in the NYC Labor Day Parade to demonstrate in support of the right to maintain public-sector collective bargaining and to protect union resources. The Supreme Court will soon hear a case designed to defund public-sector unions like the PSC. It’s an attack on union dues intended to cripple unions’ power to fight for higher wages and defend the rights, benefits and dignity of their members.

Join us at the NYC Labor Day Parade. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring your colleagues. The PSC contingent will gather at 12:15 PM on West 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. We step off at 1:15 PM sharp.

New Academic Year, New Challenges

Watch and share President Bowen's urgent message to PSC members at the start of this academic year.

The PSC is ready for the next round of contract bargaining with CUNY and is preparing for what is perhaps the greatest challenge we have faced as a union. The Supreme Court will soon rule on a case designed to destroy union power. But the Court cannot destroy our union if we all say Yes! to union membership.

Sign the new member card.

Adjunct Pay Dates

Spring 2018 Adjunct Pay Dates

For the Spring 2018 semester, teaching adjuncts are scheduled to be paid on eight successive pay dates at two-week intervals. At the senior colleges, the first pay date will be Feb. 15 and the last pay date will be May 24. At most community colleges, the first pay date will be Feb. 9 and the last pay date will be May 18. Kingsborough CC, LaGuardia CC and Guttman CC operate on a different academic calendar with different pay dates.

Rank-and-file members organize across CUNY to prepare for the threat ahead

The union is embarking on a grassroots, rank-and-file "recommitment" campaign to keep the union strong if a potential Supreme Court case deals a shattering blow to unions, including the PSC. Members are energized and talking to each other about why this is such a critical moment for the PSC.

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A message from Barbara Bowen
As one of the higher education leaders within the American Federation of Teachers, I contributed to the statement linked here and reprinted below. It was issued August 13 in response to the murder of Heather Heyer, an anti-racist protester, and the shocking open display of white nationalism, anti-Semitism and Nazi symbolism in Charlottesville and on the University of Virginia campus.

I know that PSC members will not be silent. We hold many different political views, but I am confident that we are united in our condemnation of the murder and racist violence in Charlottesville, linked as it is with a terrible history. I was proud to be with the large contingent of PSC members who participated in the demonstration at Trump Tower. Many more attended rallies in Union Square, Brooklyn and throughout the region.

The PSC leadership will be in touch with union chapter leaders and members about what we can do as academic workers to counter the rise of neo-fascist and white supremacist movements, especially on college campuses. There is no place for such movements on a college campus, no place anywhere.

New Catastrophe Major Medical Plan


A message from Sharon Persinger, PSC Treasurer

Dear Members:

I am writing to make sure you are aware of a new opportunity, available through the union, to enroll in a Catastrophe Major Medical Plan with no restrictions based on preexisting medical conditions. The 45-day enrollment period ends on June 15. This may be a one-time opportunity. I urge you to consider seriously whether this additional insurance to cover medical emergencies, available through our statewide affiliate NYSUT, is right for you.

2017 Chapter Elections

Fourteen PSC chapters held elections in the spring of 2017. The chapters elected their local officers, delegates and alternates to the PSC Delegate Assembly, and representatives to the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Advisory Council. Most races were uncontested, though there were contested races at the Graduate Center and Hunter College. The election results were certified by the Elections Committee on May 8. The term of office for the newly elected candidates begins on May 22. Click here for a list of all newly elected chapter leaders and here for the vote counts of the contested elections.


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