Join the union! Every member who joins increases our collective strength. Joining the union enables you to participate in the active life of the PSC. You gain the right to vote in union elections and contract ratifications, to run for a union leadership position, and to have a formal role in the policy and direction of your union.

You can check whether you’re already a member or receive a PSC membership application card by calling the PSC membership department (212-354-1252). Or click here to fill out an application; it takes less than 60 seconds to complete the online form.


PSC membership is open to all full-time and part-time faculty, professional staff, graduate CUNY employees and Research Foundation employees who are represented by the union and to those who retire from these positions. PSC represents Research Foundation employees at the Central Office, LaGuardia, City Tech and the Graduate Center.

Associate Membership:
Associate membership is available to individuals excluded from the PSC bargaining units, to persons on leave without pay, and to those who are no longer employed by CUNY. If you were enrolled in any insurance programs that are provided to our membership by our affiliate organizations, you would need to maintain PSC associate membership to continue in these programs.

To obtain a PSC membership application card, call the PSC membership department (212-354-1252) or contact your chapter chair on campus. The membership department can answer any questions you have about the application process or membership rights.

Rates – Dues and Fees

Full-Time Dues
Members and Agency Fee Payers - 1.05% of total gross earnings

Part-Time Dues
Members and Agency Fee Payers - 1% of total gross earnings

Retiree Dues
Annual Dues (Sept.-Aug.) - 71.00*

* If you join between October and August your dues will be pro-rated. Please call the PSC Membership Department at 212-354-1252 for the dues amount.

Update your membership information: