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The PSC has registered its strong opposition to the proposed regulation allowing charter school networks to conduct their own teacher training programs and issue a cheapened teaching credential that will short change students. The proposed regulation would allow charter networks statewide to conduct their own teacher training programs and issue a teaching credential that will only be valid inside those schools after just 30 hours of instruction plus 100 hours of supervised teaching. Read the PSC letter.

March for Union Rights and Resources

PSC members will march this Saturday in the NYC Labor Day Parade to demonstrate in support of the right to maintain public-sector collective bargaining and to protect union resources. The Supreme Court will soon hear a case designed to defund public-sector unions like the PSC. It’s an attack on union dues intended to cripple unions’ power to fight for higher wages and defend the rights, benefits and dignity of their members.

Join us at the NYC Labor Day Parade. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring your colleagues. The PSC contingent will gather at 12:15 PM on West 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. We step off at 1:15 PM sharp.

Yes, I want to join the march to defend DACA on August 30.

Watch and share President Bowen's urgent message to PSC members at the start of this academic year.

The PSC is ready for the next round of contract bargaining with CUNY and is preparing for what is perhaps the greatest challenge we have faced as a union. The Supreme Court will soon rule on a case designed to destroy union power. But the Court cannot destroy our union if we all say Yes! to union membership.

Sign the new member card.

AFT Disaster Relief - Donation Center

Show Your Support

Our brothers and sisters need our help as Hurricane Harvey will continue to pour rain on already devastated communities for another few days. Homes, schools and communities will need help with the aftermath and cleanup.

Help us show our union family in Texas that we have their backs. Donate today via the AFT.

Fall 2017 Adjunct Pay Dates

For the Fall 2017 semester, teaching adjuncts are scheduled to be paid on eight successive pay dates. At the senior colleges, the first pay date will be Sept. 14 and the last pay date will be Dec. 21. At most community colleges, the first pay date will be Sept. 8 and the last pay date will be Dec. 15. Kingsborough CC, LaGuardia CC and Guttman CC operate on a different academic calendar with different pay dates.

Dear PSC member,

This Friday President Trump will be speaking at Suffolk Community College. A rally is being organized to protest his anti-immigrant/anti worker policies. We hope you can attend. It is critical that we take every opportunity to amplify our voices in this moment.
Details on the purpose, place and time of the rally are below.

In Solidarity,
Mike Fabricant

Faculty Association Suffolk Community College

Working families will lose if the Senate Republicans' healthcare bill passes. The Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act strips healthcare from millions of Americans. It could be a special-needs student who suffers because services funded by Medicaid are cut, or patients who no longer have access to vital health services because insurance companies will be able to go back to picking and choosing what to cover. The plan strips access to necessary care and opens the cost floodgates.

But it doesn’t stop there. Retirees may face an age tax as insurers are allowed to charge older patients five times more than their younger counterparts. The plan to lift the mandate that all insurance plans cover essential benefits puts even our best-negotiated employer health plans at risk. And, it gives huge tax cuts to the wealthy. : Don't Take Away Our Health Care.

Praises Strong Support of Public Higher Education, Pledges Vigorous Campaign for Endorsed Candidates

The PSC announced today its endorsement of 44 candidates for NY City Council. The list of endorsees includes seven candidates for hotly contested open Council seats and 37 incumbents.

Contact an Adjunct Grievance Counselor by June 22

May 15 was the deadline for CUNY colleges to notify adjuncts eligible for both three-year and one-year appointments. If there was a discrepancy in your letter of appointment or you received a notice of non-reappointment, it is critical that you contact a PSC adjunct grievance counselor by Thursday, June 22 so Contract Enforcement has time to file a grievance on your behalf before the 30-business-day deadline for filing grievances passes on June 27.

Adjuncts are entitled to a one-year appointment if they have served in the same department of the college for not fewer than six (6) consecutive semesters (exclusive of summer sessions) during the three (3) year period immediately preceding the appointment.

Adjuncts are eligible to be considered for a three-year appointment if they have taught at least six (6) classroom contact hours per semester within the same department at the same college for the ten (10) most recent consecutive Fall and Spring semesters preceding September 1, 2017.

Contact a PSC adjunct grievance counselor at 212-354-1252 no later than June 22, 2017 if you believe you are eligible for a one- or three-year appointment and if any of the following occur:

  • You do not receive any letter of appointment or reappointment on or before May 15;
  • The appointment letter you receive does not contain the appropriate title and hourly rate;
  • You believe that you are eligible for a one-year appointment and received a letter for a semester appointment;
  • You believe that you are eligible for a three-year appointment and received a one-year or a semester appointment; or
  • You receive a letter of non-reappointment.