November 17: March for Economic Justice

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March Against Austerity Politics/Support the Occupy Movement:

  • Jobs Not Cuts
  • Funding for Our Schools & Colleges
  • Defend and Expand the Safety Net
  • Make the 1% Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

Meet at Broadway & Worth Street at 5pm

PSC joins October 5th rally at Foley Square in support of Occupy Wall Street. The November 17th activities in NYC are part of a national day of mobilization.


Dear Members,

Thursday, November 17th, is a day of a national and city-wide mobilization to demand economic justice for “the 99%.” Be part of the growing movement to change economic and political policy; be part of the march with the PSC.

As members of the CUNY community, we know all too well what it’s like to work in conditions of planned poverty. CUNY has suffered years of disinvestment, while the resources we need to provide opportunity for our students have been drained by policies that further consolidate wealth among the rich.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can imagine a world where millionaires pay their fair share, where all faculty and staff are treated equitably and every student gets the education he or she deserves. We are not alone in imaging these things, and we cannot be alone in demanding them. The Occupy Wall Street movement has shown us that much, and more.

Nov17thDayofActionFoleySq.jpgThat is why the PSC is working with Occupy Wall Street and a broad coalition of labor and community groups to mount a mass action throughout Lower Manhattan on Thursday, November 17th.

The PSC will take part in a peaceful, permitted rally and march that will begin at Foley Square at 5:00 PM before winding its way around City Hall and across the Brooklyn Bridge. Our members will meet at the intersection of Broadway and Worth Street at 5:00 PM, before marching together into Foley Square. Earlier in day, people’s assemblies will be held near subway stations around the boroughs, and the organizers of the march are also planning civil disobedience actions. If you are interested in being trained and participating in a planned act of civil disobedience, contact Deirdre Brill (

Everyone is encouraged to come to the rally and march. Bring your students, your colleagues, your families. It’s a day you won’t want to miss.

In solidarity,

Barbara Bowen
President, PSC

Meet at Broadway & Worth Street at 5pm