Chapter Campaigns

PSC Chapters over the years have launched campaigns focusing on issues from workload to health and safety violations.

For example, the BMCC chapter organized a "Teach CUNY" week in March, 2011. A website created by the chapter full of teaching resources explained the chapter's initiative:

Teach CUNY is a faculty-led effort to build student-faculty solidarity for the budget and contract fights to come because our working conditions are students’ learning conditions. During the week of March 28-April 3, we encourage you to use the resources below to educate your students about the nature of the fiscal crisis, the consequences for education, and alternatives to austerity. Teach CUNY because students, faculty, and staff deserve a better CUNY, not more cuts. Get involved and ask your students to get involved, too.

Teach CUNY at BMCC

The site provided lesson plans, fact sheets and a host of other resources. It stood as a model for how chapters can engage the issues of the contract/budget campaign. (Check out the site by clicking here.)

Inspired by the BMCC model, the chapter at LaGuardia Community College is planning a Teach CUNY week for the Fall of 2011. Other chapters plan to follow suit, educating faculty, staff and students about the context for the PSC contract negotiations and the budget campaign for CUNY funding. The political and economic setting for both contract and budget organizing is framed by the state and city budgets. Those budgets raise questions about who is taxed and who is cut -- and about the politics of "austerity." The questions of who pays, who sacrifices and who benefits create teachable moments -- and raise the vital organizing question: What we can do about it?

There are other chapter campaigns. Past and present, faculty have organized around campus health and safety issues. NYCCT and HEOs CUNY-wide are engaged in campaigns around workload. (See links below.)

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