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NYPD Spy Scandal Hits CUNY: Muslim Students Target of Profiling

By John Tarleton

CUNY faculty have condemned the NYPD's monitoring of Muslim student groups that was done as a part of a broad surveillance effort that was not based on evidence of criminal conduct.

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PSC Chapter Election Results

By By Peter Hogness

PSC’s Spring 2011 chapter election results.

PSC DA Sets Bargaining Agenda--Nov. 2010

In a packed meeting attended by more than 200 people 0n 11/4/10, the PSC Delegate Assembly voted on Nov. 4 to adopt a bargaining agenda for negotiations on a new contract.

Campaign for New Contract

Imagine a committee with only one goal – to improve your life at work – with an agenda developed by the faculty and staff (not the college president or the chancellor’s office), with only one meeting per semester and hundreds of members to share the work, and with a serious chance of wielding power within the University and beyond – wouldn’t you want to be part of it? That’s what I am asking you to do: join the Committee of 500.