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Milliken Gets a Wake-Up Call

By Shomial Ahmad and Adele M. Stan

Nearly 1,000 people turned out for a protest outside of Chancellor Milliken's luxury apartment. The spirited crowd made it known that the Chancellor must do more in order to work toward a fair contract. See also: Keep Fighting For Your Contract * Members Take Action, Make Plans

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Budget Cuts Hit Senior Colleges

By Shomial Ahmad

With senior colleges facing a 3 percent budget shortfall, faculty, staff and students shoulder the burden, facing larger class sizes and short supplies.

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Keep Fighting for Your Contract!

By PSC Staff

The spirited October protest outside of Chancellor Milliken's home got the attention of CUNY management, but more concerted action is needed to win a contract worthy of our work. Find out about planned union-wide events and meetings at your campus.

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Governor Cuomo, Help CUNY Now

By Jessica Siegel

Contrary to glowing headlines on the value of a CUNY education, the state has steadily disinvested in higher education over the past quarter century. This critical lack of funding affects learning conditions.

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Is Phased Retirement for You?

By Clarion Staff

Phased retirement is a less abrupt way to transition in retirement. Find out how this union negotiated benefit works.

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NYPD Spy Scandal Hits CUNY: Muslim Students Target of Profiling

By John Tarleton

CUNY faculty have condemned the NYPD's monitoring of Muslim student groups that was done as a part of a broad surveillance effort that was not based on evidence of criminal conduct.