The student movement against activity fee reform has forced the CUNY Board of Trustees to relent slightly, but activists still see their rights at risk.

A new report shows the terrible working conditions at many CUNY cafeterias. With the help from the PSC and students, workers are fighting back.

Labor has been one of the bulwarks for protecting workers and ensuring that at least some economic growth is shared by workers. It's because of the organized threat that the labor movement poses that right-wing forces have been steadily pressing to erode labor rights.

The threat we face | March 2018

The Supreme Court is almost certain to hand down a negative ruling for unions in Janus v. AFSCME. What would the ruling mean for the PSC? What is behind the case? And how are members preparing for the future.

Students protested a Board of Trustees proposal on the administration of student fees. Many say the change is undemocratic.

In December, the union announced a historic agreement with CUNY to reduce the teaching load for full-time faculty. The plan gives instructors more time to mentor and support students, and more time for research.

A CUNY student who had a family member detained by ICE turned to professors and staff at KCC for guidance and help. The family member was eventually released.

The PSC and its allies went to Albany to demand the reversal of the historic disinvestment of public higher education by the state.

At a December rally to kick off the contract campaign, PSC President Barbara Bowen spoke about union members' commitment to CUNY's mission and why they stick with CUNY despite the low pay.

Hundreds of PSC members, joined by students and other advocates, marched from the Graduate Center to the CUNY Board of Trustees hearing at Baruch College on December 4, demanding that management sit down and bargain a new contract that restores competitive pay for all positions and raises adjunct pay to $7,000 per course.