How your dues make the union strong

In December, the union announced a historic agreement with CUNY to reduce the teaching load for full-time faculty. The plan gives instructors more time to mentor and support students, and more time for research.

The PSC and its allies went to Albany to demand the reversal of the historic disinvestment of public higher education by the state.

The project of CUNY is bigger than the PR version of the university that appears in subway ads. It has a deeper collective meaning than moving individual graduates into stable incomes, essential as that work is. And it’s because we understand and even love that project that we stay.

Hundreds of PSC members, joined by students and other advocates, marched from the Graduate Center to the CUNY Board of Trustees hearing at Baruch College on December 4, demanding that management sit down and bargain a new contract that restores competitive pay for all positions and raises adjunct pay to $7,000 per course.

Fight the grad tax as the GOP tax plan hurts PSC members at the Graduate Center

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This session of the Supreme Court hears cases that deal with vital labor issues, including one case that looks at whether forced arbitration agreements that ban collective or class legal actions violate federal labor law.

PSC delegates agree to an ambitious set of collective bargaining demands, kicking off the next stage of the union’s contract campaign.

Labor has a lot to lose from a constitutional convention, while big money and special interests have a lot to gain. Vote no.