For years, anti-labor forces have been working to limit the power of unions. Emails, direct mails and fake alternative organizations are some of the deceptive measures they're using.

Software: good for students? CUNY is going forward with using algorithmic software for academic advisement. But without investing in staff, can it work?

In a 5-4 decision this past June in the case of Janus v. AFSCME, the court’s conservative majority ruled that mandatory agency shop fees were a form of compelled speech – despite union arguments to the court that political speech by unions is paid with other monies and that the agency shop fee system was an integral part of maintaining labor peace in the public sector.

Cuomo’s scholarship shows disappointing numbers.

For more than a decade, Mike Fabricant has served as a principal officer to the Professional Staff Congress. Fabricant reflects about the union's campaigns, the work to build change together and how the PSC can leverage its power to create a better CUNY.

Andrea Vásquez, PSC's new first vice president, is no stranger to the union and CUNY. Assuming leadership at a critical time, she shares her thoughts on how to build union activism.

The Supreme Court case could overturn a four-decade precedent and rule that unions can no longer collect fees from non-members who they represent. For months the PSC has been engaged in a membership campaign and ready for a negative decision from the conservative majority high court.

The student movement against activity fee reform has forced the CUNY Board of Trustees to relent slightly, but activists still see their rights at risk.

A new report shows the terrible working conditions at many CUNY cafeterias. With the help from the PSC and students, workers are fighting back.

Labor has been one of the bulwarks for protecting workers and ensuring that at least some economic growth is shared by workers. It's because of the organized threat that the labor movement poses that right-wing forces have been steadily pressing to erode labor rights.