This session of the Supreme Court hears cases that deal with vital labor issues, including one case that looks at whether forced arbitration agreements that ban collective or class legal actions violate federal labor law.

PSC delegates agree to an ambitious set of collective bargaining demands, kicking off the next stage of the union’s contract campaign.

Labor has a lot to lose from a constitutional convention, while big money and special interests have a lot to gain. Vote no.

Brooklyn College faculty members respond to attacks from a notorious far-right extremist.

Nearly 9,000 PSC members responded to the union's first electronic membership survey. Questions on bargaining priorities, satisfaction with the most recent PSC-CUNY contract and the importance of paying union dues were some of the issues that the PSC members who took the survey answered.

The Trump administration recently announced plans to end DACA, an Obama administration program that gave qualified undocumented immigrants a reprieve from deportation and a work permit. Thousands of CUNY students are affected, and faculty, staff and students are organizing around the issue.

Two filmmakers delve into the story of NYPD infiltration of a Muslim group at Brooklyn College and spark a conversation about trust on campus.

PSC Vice President for Part-Time Personnel Susan DiRaimo was one of many CUNY adjuncts from across the city who testified before CUNY’s Board of Trustees about the hardships adjunct instructors face with what the union called an unacceptable wage for part-time faculty. The union is demanding the city and state invest funds that would raise adjunct pay to $7,000 per course, bringing CUNY adjuncts in line with their peers at other institutions. DiRaimo, like many adjuncts, made it clear that she was not a part-time worker, but a full-time worker with part-time pay.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has finalized his college scholarship program, with much fanfare. But critics say it’s a deal that leaves many students unserved.

The union presses a plan to give faculty more time with students.