The union presses a plan to give faculty more time with students.

For the past several weeks, the PSC has joined with other CUNY advocates, including the University Student Senate, in an intense lobbying effort for a state budget that fully funds CUNY and will enable it to hire 1,000 new full-time faculty members, raise adjunct pay to $7,000 per course and provide real affordability to students. The campaign has taken many forms, including multiple trips to Albany, demonstrations, media outreach and grassroots organizing.

From vermin and mold to inadequate resources and outdated facilities, public underfunding hits CUNY hard. PSC members share how it affects their campuses.

For nearly 18 hours, Saira Raifee, a CUNY doctoral student and a PSC member, was detained at Abu Dhabi before she was sent back to Tehran. She was one of the victims of President Trump's travel ban on refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. Here, Raifee shares how immediate union solidarity made her feel not alone, and talks about how progressive movements need to continue to build and "get more organized."

It was a national issue that mobilized City Tech Student Government President Hercules Reid to act. Although he was used to organizing around local issues, he used his contacts on the local level to see how he could help in getting a grad student, left stranded by Trump's travel ban, back home.

Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled an ambitious plan to give students at CUNY and SUNY free tuition. But some advocates say it doesn't add up.

Standing together on the steps of City Hall for a joint press conference on December 7, the coalition urged the city and state to reverse years of CUNY disinvestment and allow the University to uphold its mission to deliver high-quality education accessible to all New Yorkers.

The PSC’s verdict on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal for CUNY is in: It’s a start, but it’s not enough to recover from years of underfunding.

What awaits the nation under Trump | November/December 2016

The election of Donald Trump and the Republican control of Congress will change the political landscape and possibly reverse hard-won gains around labor organizing, immigrant rights, climate change, racial justice and other critical issues. PSC members share what policies they think could come from a Trump administration and how to organize in the years ahead.

A recent report by the state's Inspector General found financial abuse and lack of oversight. The Cuomo administration has vowed to make changes, and some have already happened.