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Questions and Answers on the Contract

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PSC President Barbara Bowen responds to members’ questions.

What’s happening with the contract?

We have begun negotiations with CUNY for a new contract, but CUNY has not made an economic offer. With no money on the table, the PSC can – and has – made progress on non-economic issues, but we cannot negotiate seriously on the big economic items such as salary increases and a more reasonable teaching load until CUNY comes forward with an offer.

Labor and Occupy Wall Street: Natural Allies

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Labor and Occupy Wall Street have developed a supportive relationship. The two groups have very different organizational cultures, but have both been battered by the recession and policies that favor the wealthy over the 99%. Plus, PSC members' stories and perspectives:
PSC Members Assist OWS
Viewpoint: Four Perspectives on Occupy Wall Street

The Adjunct Health Care Crisis: A Welfare Fund Trustee’s Perspective

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This summer, the trustees of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund reluctantly concluded that the financial structure for adjunct health insurance had become unsustainable. A trustee writes about that decision, and what kind of change is needed to prevent an end to adjunct coverage.


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