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Faculty Pan Pathways at Public Hearing, Plan to Develop Alternative

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With support from the PSC, the University Faculty Senate has begun work to develop an alternative to Pathways, CUNY’s controversial overhaul of its policies on general education and transfer. The move is just one part of a broader strategy by the union and the UFS.
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PSC Backs Healthy Workplace Bill: Protection vs. Bullying at Work

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The PSC and its coalition allies aim to win passage of the Healthy Workplace Bill, a measure that would provide remedies to workers whose employers allow them to be subjected to a pattern of abusive conduct on the job:
PSC Backs BillWhat Is Workplace Bullying?Stop Workplace Bullying Now

In Arizona, Censoring Questions about Race

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Critical race theory is an open-ended project of inquiry, a set of new questions rather than predetermined answers. It involves a history lesson, to be sure, but more than that, it is a set of questions about how this history continues to impact us all in ways we have yet to uncover.


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