After a break-through victory in New York, the Fight for $15 is celebrating, but they aren’t letting up on their demand for a $15-per-hour minimum wage and union rights for every low-wage worker in every state. Nearly 64 million American workers are still earning poverty wages less than $15 per hour. Thursday, April 14 is Fight for $15’s next global day of action. After successfully pushing lawmakers in Albany to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour in NYC by 2018 and at least $12.50 an hour upstate by 2021, the New York campaign is mobilizing a day long series of events to continue the fight to improve wages and strengthen worker protections. Download a flier. RSVP with PSC Organizing Director Deirdre Brill ( for any of these actions:

  • Morning: 6 AM rally at 1560 Broadway (SW Corner 47th St.) with worker testimonials, including one from a CUNY adjunct, followed by a march to the TV cameras outside of the Good Morning America Studio (44th and Broadway).
  • Midday: 9:30 AM rally w/Justice For Akai Gurley, 320 Jay St
  • Evening: 4 PM rally at the corner of 42nd St. and 7th Ave.), followed by a 5:30 PM March Against Hate targeting Donald Trump and a GOP Gala
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Members will elect leadership for eleven PSC chapters this month. To see which chapters are up for election, click here for the official election notice for the April 2016 elections.

Ballots together with pre-paid return envelopes were mailed to members’ home addresses on April 1. In uncontested elections, ballots must be received by 5 pm at the PSC office on April 28. In contested elections, they are due at the office of the designated ballot-counting organization by 5 pm on April 28. All ballots will be counted at 10 am on April 29.

If you are a PSC member at one of the chapters up for election and have not received a ballot mailed to your home address by Friday, April 8, please call the PSC office at 212-354-1252 for a replacement ballot.

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Hundreds More Rally Demanding Cuomo and Legislative Leaders Pass a State Budget that Invests in CUNY Students and Professors

New York, March 24, 2016. —“C-U-N-Y Don’t let CUNY die!” was the chant today as more than 40 faculty and staff from the City University of New York locked arms and lay down blocking the doors and sidewalk outside Governor Cuomo’s midtown office building. The “die in,” held as State budget negotiations reach their final stage, expressed the demand that the final State budget include increased investment in CUNY students and that it fund a contract for CUNY’s faculty and staff, who have worked six years without a raise.

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Alliance of 20+ Groups Calls for Tuition Freeze, More State Funding and Faculty Raises

“CUNY is for the People” read some of the signs at a highly-charged rally outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s midtown office this evening. Organized by a new and broad coalition, CUNY Rising Alliance, the rally kicked off a community-based campaign to demand increased public investment in the City University of New York, CUNY.

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CUNY students, led by the University Student Senate, will march across the Brooklyn Bridge this Sunday, March 13 to demand State investment in their university, an end to tuition hikes and a fair contract for CUNY faculty and staff. They’re mobilizing CUNY students, alumni, faculty and staff, and elected officials to join in the march. The crowd will assemble Sunday at 12 Noon at City Hall Park before heading to the bridge. Members of the PSC will be marching with the CUNY students to keep the momentum going after Thursday’s #CUNYrising event. RSVP here to join in, and spread the word with this flier. Let’s stand by our CUNY students as they are standing by us. Another CUNY is possible!

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With CUNY facing a half-billion dollar cut in State funding, the city’s most active community groups, civil rights organizations, labor unions and faith-based groups are mobilizing to save their university. They have formed the CUNY Rising Alliance to demand investments in CUNY students, faculty and staff. The Alliance groups will launch their campaign with a mass rally, march and meeting on Thurs., Mar. 10. The action will begin at 5 PM with a rally outside Gov. Cuomo’s Manhattan office (633 Third Ave., between 40th and 41st). It will continue with a march to the Community Church of New York (40 E. 35th St.) where New Yorkers will hear about the crisis at CUNY and plan next steps in the campaign. Please RSVP to let them know you will be there and help spread the word with this flier (English/Spanish). Use the hashtag #CUNYrising on social media to connect with the campaign.

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More than 450 college students, faculty and staff were in Albany Thurs., Feb. 25 calling on the Legislature to champion investment in public higher education. Together, they urged Albany to increase funding CUNY and SUNY, enact a true Maintenance of Effort, and keep tuition affordable.

Student, Faculty, Staff Platform

With a healthy budget surplus, the groups urged legislators: Now is the time for Albany to invest in futures and start rebuilding New York’s public higher education system. Representatives from student groups (NYPIRG and CUNY USS) and academic unions (NYSUT, PSC/CUNY and UUP) led a rally in the Legislative Office Building before the crowd dispersed for meetings with close to 100 legislators.

Organizing for the action day, NYPIRG and USS collected 28,000 petition signatures from SUNY and CUNY students calling for a tuition freeze. They also mobilized student support for a stronger maintenance of effort provision of the state education law, so tuition dollars won’t have to go to cover basic inflationary costs for energy, rent and collective bargaining that should be funded by the state.

It was all part of a massive Higher Education Action Day calling for investment in New York’s future through its most powerful engines of opportunity and economic development, SUNY and CUNY.

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Gov. Cuomo has released plans to cut state funding
to the City University of New York by $485 million, despite a $1 billion state budget surplus.

CUNY Rising Alliance, a coalition of the City's most active community groups, civil rights organizations and and non-profits, is mobilizing for a rally, march and meeting on Thursday, March 10 starting at 5PM. Here's a flier to share.

Join us to tell Gov. Cuomo: CUNY students deserve a first-rate college education. CUNY faculty and staff deserve a fair raise.

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In budget testimony before the State Legislature on February 8, President Bowen released startling new data that showed that despite consistently praising the education CUNY offers, Governor Cuomo has actually cut per-student funding at CUNY senior colleges by three percent since taking office – even before considering this year’s proposed $485 million cut to CUNY.

Read PSC’s State Budget Testimony.

President Bowen also pointed out that Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget includes a $240 million budget line to fund “fair and affordable agreements with CUNY labor unions.” “We are glad that the budget finally earmarks money for the raise that CUNY professors and staff need in order to allow CUNY to attract and retain the best professors. But professors cannot teach and students cannot learn without adequate resources in the classroom. New York State needs to show the 500,000 students in New York City who depend on CUNY to succeed that government cares enough to provide the funds CUNY needs,” she said.

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