College Lab Technicians


College Laboratory Technicians are professional members of the non-teaching instructional staff at CUNY. Full-time CLT appointments (except for appointments to Substitute CLT titles) are tenure track positions under the New York State Education Law. For CLTs, tenure provides the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as it does for instructional staff members in the professorial titles at CUNY. Most CLTs have bachelor degrees, many have masters and some have PhDs. Many come to CUNY with years of experience in their field of expertise.

The duties of College Laboratory Technicians are generally described in the CUNY Bylaws as performing laboratory functions and other technical duties of a highly skilled nature. CLTs provide lecture support in the form of set-ups of equipment and demonstrations and laboratory support for experiments and for research. At higher levels in the CLT series duties may include supervisory functions and more complex technical functions in laboratories and other technical areas.

College Laboratory Technicians service a multitude of scientific and technological areas at CUNY such as Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Nursing, Hematology, TV/Radio, Audio/Visual, Electronics, Geology, Computers, Art, Language Arts, Performing Arts, X-ray Technology and others. CLTs provide professional service at all CUNY campuses including the Graduate Center and Central Office. The main objective is to work in partnership with teaching faculty and other staff members to provide the highest level of technological support for the education of students and for research. In essence, “CUNY’s science and technology are in our hands!”

Newsletters: Click here for back issues of the CLT newsletter, Tech to Tech from 2003 - 2009.

Know Your Rights. Download the CLT Handbook

The leadership of the CLT chapter has prepared this hand book to serve as a compendium of College Laboratory Technicians’ rights and responsibilities

Minutes of the College Laboratory Technicians General Meeting, Monday, April 28, 2014

College Laboratory Technicians
General Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 28, 2014

Present: 27 members
Sonia Acevedo, David Barthold, Edward Coppola, Sharif Elhakem, George Giannopoulos, Ernts
Gracia, John Graham, Orit Gruber, Amy Jeu, Okena Littlehawk, Sanni Liu, James Luhan, Keshaw Narine, Joesph Orefice, Terry Parker, Alan Pearlman, Fitz Richardson, Jocelyn Samuel, Iona Samuels, Albert Sherman, Renato Tonelli, Yuriy Zavlanov

Guests: Debra Bergen, Larry Morgan, Alberto Munoz, Sam Rasiotis

Five years ago, three retired CLTs created a website that addresses the health and safety of workers on the job, in the home and on the road. The not-for-profit University Health and website has numerous downloadable documents and relevant links to issues that affect job-specific groups and all of us. From asbestos exposure, to chemical storage, to fire prevention, to lawn mower safety, to fitness, to women's health and safety at work, this site has you and your family covered. Visit us at:

Ezra Seltzer

Timesheets Campaign

Union members in HEO, CLT and Research series titles are continuing a university-wide petition campaign pressing CUNY to negotiate with the PSC on the implementation of the new time-sheet system. The petition calls on CUNY to negotiate about the timesheets, and demands that any new time-sheet system for HEOs and CLTs reflect the complexity of HEO and CLT jobs and the variability of their schedules. To volunteer for the workplace petition drive, HEOs and CLTs can contact PSC Organizing Director Deirdre Brill at

A CLT Viewpoint: Time Sheet Rules Vs. Real World

Among numerous complaints I’ve heard from colleagues regarding the University’s top-down management proclivities, those voiced in protest to the time-devouring interface of CUNYfirst pale in comparison to responses I’ve heard regarding the recent decree directed at College Lab Technicians (CLTs), Higher Education Officers (HEOs) and related titles. It demands not only daily time sheet reporting, but the absurd and utterly unworkable addition of supervisory pre-approval for any deviation in a fixed set of hours and lunch breaks.

CUNY Imposing New HEO/CLT Time Sheets: PSC Says Record All Your Hours

CUNY management is implementing new time sheets for HEO and CLT series titles, as well as the titles Research Associate and Research Assistant. Read More