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During the past academic year, our chapter members marched, lobbied, testified, “taught CUNY,” petitioned, and spoke out! Our issues problems with CUNY First and Pathways, the lack of a contract, faculty workload, funding equity for CUNY, and more.

Come to our next chapter meeting, to help make plans and to help put them into action! Our chapter meetings are on the third Wednesday of every month, in one of the lecture rooms in the middle of the fourth floor, in the main building.

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Pre-Semester EC Organizing Meeting, 8/26/2013

Monday, 8/26/2013

1. Lunch and Introductions
2. Discussion of Agenda and September Priorities
3. Issues: Elections, Pathways, CUNYfirst, contract
4. Organizing: New Faculty Orientation, Dep. Reps.
5. Announcements and New Business

Saavik Ford, Kathleen Offenholley, Hyacinth Martin, Marcos Zyman, Yakov Genis, Thomas Burgess, Brianne Waychoff, Marcia Newfield, Brian Graf, Anne Friedman, Geoff Kurtz, Tony Gronowicz, Joanne Zak, John Gallagher, Frank Crocco, Deborah Gambs, Craig Hutchison, Deirdre Bell, Joy Dunkley


BMCC Chapter Meeting Minutes, May 2013

BMCC Chapter Meeting
May 15, 2013

Joyce Moorman called the meeting to order shortly after 2:00pm, and introduced PSC President Barbara Bowen.

BMCC Chapter Meeting Minutes, April 2013

BMCC PSC Chapter Meeting
April 17, 2013

Joyce Moorman called the meeting to order a few minutes after 2pm, and the agenda was adopted.

1. Announcements

Announcements were made regarding the PSC’s Mayoral Forum, CUNY at the Council, the Women’s Committee’s screening of Passionate Politics, and the International Committee’s appeal to support the campaign against cholera in Haiti.

2. Academic Freedom

Pathways: Who Decides?

[From the April 2013 Gadlfy.]

by Anne Friedman

BMCC Chapter Meeting Minutes, March 2013

BMCC PSC Chapter Meeting
March 20, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 2:15, and the agenda was adopted.

1. The PSC’s Political Strategy

PSC First Vice-President Steve London spoke about the significance of this year’s New York City elections and about the role the PSC expects to play in those elections. Given the current collective bargaining environment in the city and given the recent history of tuition increases and inadequate public funding, London argued, the PSC needs to do what it can to see that officials friendly to CUNY are elected.

2. Pathways

Safety Net Forum -- April 8th



Dean Baker

The PSC Social Safety Net working group is pleased to invite you to our second conference which will take place on April 8, 2013 at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. As the title above indicates, the focus of this event is the impact that sequestration may have on social safety net programs - Social Security, Medicare, pensions and the full range of programs that we have fought for and earned and that many retirees, children and low-income people depend upon. Featured speakers include Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy and Research, James Parrott of the Fiscal Policy Institute, Frances Fox Piven of the CUNY Graduate Center and Michael Zweig of SUNY Stony Brook and US Labor Against the War. They will analyze and speak to the current climate of austerity and what we can do to combat it.

In addition, Labor Arts has organized a special visual presentation about the history of the safety net.