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During the past academic year, our chapter members marched, lobbied, testified, “taught CUNY,” petitioned, and spoke out! Our issues included student tuition hikes, problems with Pathways, the lack of a contract, adjunct health care, funding equity for CUNY, and more.

As the new academic year begins, we are looking forward to the city elections (see, and the continued fights for a contract, for adjunct equity (see and for better "Pathways."

We are faced with the chaos that is a part Pathways/part BMCC general ed requirement, and departments whose renovations are not complete. We are eager to work together to make things better, with chapter meetings, a new faculty orientation (Wed. Oct. 30th, 2-4 pm, S431), terrific department reps, active chapter committees, coalition work with student groups, and countless one-on-one conversations.

Come to our next chapter meeting, to help make plans and to help put them into action! Our chapter meetings are on the third Wednesday of every month, in one of the lecture rooms in the middle of the fourth floor, main building.

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Minutes of the Chapter Meeting, 2/19/2014

1. New business
Phil BelCastro: two sections of HED 240 lab course were over enrolled by 44%, despite his department’s protests, since this is a lab course. No extra compensation or help was given. A grievance was filed but the PSC dropped it. [Update: it was not dropped. We cannot talk about the details of a grievance that is in process.]

2. Presentation by Larry Morgan, director, PSC welfare fund

Minutes of the Chapter Meeting, 11/20/2013

Minutes of the Chapter Meeting, 11/20/2013, N452
1. Geoff Kurtz spoke about the City elections – what we’ve won and what’s next. Much of his talk concerned the progressive caucus in the city council, which is still a minority in the city council, but more able to have their ideas listened to.

Minutes of BMCC Chapter Meeting, 10/16/2013

1. Announcements
• On Friday 10/25 at 12:30 in the media center there will be a HEO meeting with Iris DeLutro about time sheets, please spread the word to HEOs about it.
• Mike Vozic is home ill, would like emails.
• With Charlie Post on Sabbatical, the Grievance Office for this year is Howard Prince at the PSC: 212-354-1252

2. November Elections
Geoff Kurtz talked about the importance of a large turn-out for deBlasio, to support his progressive Campaigns. The PSC would like to support the Working Families Party by voting for him on their ticket.

3. Campus Equity Week

Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, 9/24/2013

Attending: Joyce Moorman, Kathleen Offenholley, Andrew Levy, Deirdre Brill, Hyacynth Martin, Craig Hutchison, Hemalatha Navaratne, Tony Gronowitz, Yakov Genis, Howard Meltzer, Joy Dunkley

1. Discussion of Sept. 30 demonstration, encourage faculty to go, forward names to Brian or Deirdre. (Deirdre will be taking over as our organizer this year.)
2. Discussion of Topics for Labor Management meeting Oct. 21 (This meeting was later tabled.)

Pre-Semester EC Organizing Meeting, 8/26/2013

Monday, 8/26/2013

1. Lunch and Introductions
2. Discussion of Agenda and September Priorities
3. Issues: Elections, Pathways, CUNYfirst, contract
4. Organizing: New Faculty Orientation, Dep. Reps.
5. Announcements and New Business

Saavik Ford, Kathleen Offenholley, Hyacinth Martin, Marcos Zyman, Yakov Genis, Thomas Burgess, Brianne Waychoff, Marcia Newfield, Brian Graf, Anne Friedman, Geoff Kurtz, Tony Gronowicz, Joanne Zak, John Gallagher, Frank Crocco, Deborah Gambs, Craig Hutchison, Deirdre Bell, Joy Dunkley


BMCC Chapter Meeting Minutes, May 2013

BMCC Chapter Meeting
May 15, 2013

Joyce Moorman called the meeting to order shortly after 2:00pm, and introduced PSC President Barbara Bowen.