PSC-CUNY COPE Megaphone.jpgPSC/CUNY COPE is the PSC’s Committee on Political Education—the political action arm of our union and part of the non-partisan VOTE-COPE program supported by tens of thousands of union members from our state and national affiliates, NYSUT and the AFT. PSC/CUNY COPE contributions are separate from your union dues, and are collected via payroll deduction or personal check.

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2013 PSC-CUNY COPE Brochure

This November PSC members voted overwhelmingly to elect the candidate we endorsed for Mayor, Bill de Blasio, and to elect the most progressive City Council candidates in many years. Thanks to PSC members like you, we'll have a mayor and council who understand the importance of investing in CUNY. But if we’re going to turn progressive goals into reality, we have to continue the fight, and we have to carry it to Albany.

Check your mail for the 2013 PSC/CUNY COPE Brochure to learn how you can help give us the power we need to win. Or read more to download a copy of the brochure.

PSC/CUNY COPE: For Progress on Our Issues

Decisions made in City Hall, Albany and Washington affect every aspect of our work life, and the progress we’ve made on improving our working conditions and quality of life can only continue if we increase our union’s political influence.

Read more to see how PSC members from across CUNY view COPE as a way to bolster our fight for quality education for CUNY students, better pay, job security, and protection of our pensions and benefits.

Awards & Kudos


Our Brooklyn College and Queensborough Community College chapters were honored by NYSUT for their impressive contributions to building the union's collective voice and power. Here Chapter Chairs Alex Vitale (Brooklyn) and Judy Barbanel (QCC) accept the awards on behalf of their chapters.